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Current Complete Show List For Shows Starting With H

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H FR Canceled/Ended
H+ US Unknown
H.E.L.P. US Canceled/Ended
H.G. Wells' Invisible Man UK Canceled/Ended
H.R. Pufnstuf US Canceled/Ended
H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Series US Returning Series
H2 JP Canceled/Ended
H2 (2005) JP Canceled/Ended
H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ JP Canceled/Ended
H2O: Just Add Water AU Canceled/Ended
H2~Kimi to Itahibi JP Canceled/Ended
H8R US Canceled/Ended
Ha die Pa! NL Canceled/Ended
Ha'Ach Ha'Gadol IL Returning Series
Ha'Merotz La'Million IL Returning Series
Ha-Pijamot IL Canceled/Ended
HaAh Hagadol VIP IL Returning Series
Habang May Buhay PH New Series
Hablemos Claro con Cuauhtémoc US New Series
Hablemos de Cine US Returning Series
Haborer IL Returning Series
Hachi-One Diver JP Canceled/Ended
Hachigatsu no Love Song JP Canceled/Ended
Hachimitsu to Clover JP Canceled/Ended
Hachiro~Haha no Shi, Chichi no Shi~ JP Canceled/Ended
Hack US Canceled/Ended
Hack (AU) AU Unknown
Hack My Life US Returning Series
Hacka Doll The Animation JP New Series
Hacker Time UK Returning Series
Hacker's Birthday Bash: 30 Years Of Children's BBC UK New Series
Hacking The Planet US New Series
Hacking the System US New Series
Hacking the Universe US New Series
Hackney 2012 UK Canceled/Ended
Hacks UK Canceled/Ended
Hacktion HU Returning Series
Hacktion Újratöltve HU New Series
Hadleigh UK Canceled/Ended
Haeundae Lovers KR Canceled/Ended
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (2003) JP Canceled/Ended
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (2009) JP Canceled/Ended
Hagedorns Tochter DE Canceled/Ended
Hagen US Canceled/Ended
Hagetaka JP Canceled/Ended
Haggard UK Canceled/Ended
Haggis Baggis US Canceled/Ended
Hagure Keiji '97 JP Canceled/Ended
Hagure Keiji '99 JP Canceled/Ended
Hagure Keiji Junjoha 16 JP Canceled/Ended
Hagure Yuusha no Estetica JP Canceled/Ended
Hagyaték HU Returning Series
Haibane Renmei JP Canceled/Ended
Haikyuu!! JP Returning Series
Hail To the Chief US Canceled/Ended
Hainan Island UK New Series
Hair UK New Series
Hair Battle Spectacular US Canceled/Ended
Hair Jacked US New Series
Hair Trauma US Canceled/Ended
Hairspray: The School Musical UK New Series
Hairy Bikers US TBD/On The Bubble
Hairy Bikers Everyday Gourmet UK New Series
Hairy Bikers Meals On Wheels UK TBD/On The Bubble
Hairy Bikers' Best of British UK New Series
Hairy Bikers: Restoration Road Trip UK New Series
Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight UK TBD/On The Bubble
Hairy Scary FR Returning Series
Haitai Nanafa JP Canceled/Ended
Haiti: Open for Business? US Unknown
Haitink 80 jaar NL New Series
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san JP Canceled/Ended
Hakaba Kitarō JP Canceled/Ended
Haken no Hinkaku JP Canceled/Ended
Hakkenden: Legend of the Dog Warriors JP Canceled/Ended
Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun JP Unknown
Hakoiri Musume! JP Canceled/Ended
Hakuouki JP Canceled/Ended
Hakusen Nagashi JP Canceled/Ended
Hakusen Nagashi~Yume Miro Goro Sugitemo JP Canceled/Ended
Hakushaku to Yōsei JP Canceled/Ended
Hål I Väggen SE New Series
Hal Lashwood's Alabama Jubilee AU Canceled/Ended
Halcyon River Diaries UK New Series
Hale and Pace UK Canceled/Ended
Half & Half US Canceled/Ended
Half Broken Things UK Unknown
Half Built House UK New Series
Half Hour Story UK Canceled/Ended
Half Moon Investigations UK New Series
Half Nelson US Canceled/Ended
Half of Us US Returning Series
Half Pint Brawlers US Canceled/Ended
Half the Sky US New Series
Half Time Update UK New Series
Half Ton Hospital With Jeremy Kyle UK Canceled/Ended
Half Ton Mum UK New Series
Half Ton World UK New Series
Half-Price Paradise US New Series
Half-Ton Killer US Unknown
Half-Ton Killer: Transformed UK New Series
Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left AU Canceled/Ended
Halfway Home US Canceled/Ended
Halifax Comedy Festival CA Returning Series
Halifax f.p. AU Canceled/Ended
Hall of Fame NL Pilot Ordered
Hall of Fame Friday Night US Unknown
Halla Bol UK New Series
Hallelujaaah! BE Unknown
Hallelujah US Pilot Rejected
Hallelujah! UK Canceled/Ended
Hallmark Hall Of Fame US Returning Series
Hallo België BE Canceled/Ended
Hallo K3! BE Returning Series
Hallo Taxi DE Canceled/Ended
Hallo Televisie BE New Series
Hallowed Ground Outdoors US New Series
Halloween US Canceled/Ended
Halloween Bash US New Series
Halloween Block Party US Canceled/Ended
Halloween Craziest US Unknown
Halloween Wars US Returning Series
HalmingShow RU In Development
Haló SK Unknown
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn US Canceled/Ended
Halo Digital Feature US In Development
Halo Legends US Canceled/Ended
Halo: Nightfall US Unknown
Halország HU Canceled/Ended
Hals über Kopf DE Canceled/Ended
Halt and Catch Fire US Returning Series
Haluatko miljonääriksi? FI Returning Series
Halv åtta hos mig SE Returning Series
Halvbroren NO Unknown
Halvseint NO On Hiatus
Halvvägs till himlen SE Returning Series
Ham on the Street US Canceled/Ended
Ham Sab Ummeed se Hai PK New Series
Hamarinn IS Canceled/Ended
Hamatora JP Unknown
Hamish & Andy's Caravan of Courage AU New Series
Hamish & Andy's Gap Year AU Returning Series
Hamish and Andy AU Canceled/Ended
Hamish Macbeth UK Canceled/Ended
Hamish Macdonald's The Truth Is? AU New Series
Hammer Down US In Development
Hammer Heads US Canceled/Ended
Hammer House of Horror UK Canceled/Ended
Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense UK Canceled/Ended
Hammer Session! JP Canceled/Ended
Hammered with John & Jimmy DiResta US Canceled/Ended
Hammerman US Canceled/Ended
Hammertime US Canceled/Ended
Hampton Court AU Canceled/Ended
Hamtaro (JP) JP Canceled/Ended
Hamtaro (US) AJ Canceled/Ended
Han River Ballad KR Canceled/Ended
Hana no Ko Lunlun JP Canceled/Ended
Hana no Mahou Tsukai Maribell JP Canceled/Ended
Hana Yori Dango JP Canceled/Ended
Hana zakari no kimi tachi e: Ikemen paradaisu JP Canceled/Ended
Hana's Helpline UK On Hiatus
Hanada Shonen-shi JP Canceled/Ended
Hanako to Anne JP Unknown
Hanamaru Kindergarten JP Canceled/Ended
Hanamura Daisuke JP Canceled/Ended
Hanasakeru Seishōnen JP Canceled/Ended
Hanasaku Iroha JP Canceled/Ended
Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite JP Canceled/Ended
Hanaukyo Maid-tai JP Canceled/Ended
Hanayamata JP Unknown
Hanayome to Papa JP Canceled/Ended
Hanayome wa 16-sai! JP Canceled/Ended
Hanayome wa Yakudoshi! JP Canceled/Ended
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e JP Canceled/Ended
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora JP Canceled/Ended
Hancho JP Returning Series
Hancock & Joan UK Canceled/Ended
Hancock (1961) UK Canceled/Ended
Hancock (1963) UK Canceled/Ended
Hancock's UK Canceled/Ended
Hancock's Half Hour UK Canceled/Ended
Hand Aufs Herz DE Canceled/Ended
Hånd i hånd DK New Series
Hand Made History US New Series
Hand Made in Britain UK New Series
Hand Maid May JP Canceled/Ended
Hand Of God US New Series
Hand van de Meester NL New Series
Hand van God, De NL New Series
Handball UK New Series
Handguns and Defensive Weapons US New Series
Handmade UK New Series
Handmade Gifts US Canceled/Ended
Handoku JP Canceled/Ended
Hands On Nature UK Canceled/Ended
Handsome Devils US New Series
Handsome Man JP Canceled/Ended
Handy Manny US Returning Series
Handy Manny's School for Tools US New Series
Handyman AU Canceled/Ended
Handyman Superstar Challenge CA Returning Series
Hang Men US New Series
Hang Time US Canceled/Ended
Hangar 17 UK Canceled/Ended
Hangar 1: The UFO files US Returning Series
Hangin' In CA Canceled/Ended
Hangin' with Encore US Returning Series
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper US Canceled/Ended
Hanging In US Canceled/Ended
Hanging With Hoges AU New Series
Hangout Festival US Returning Series
Hangul KR Returning Series
Hank (1965) US Canceled/Ended
Hank (2009) US Unknown
Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine US Returning Series
Hank Zipzer UK New Series
Hannah Anderson: Anatomy of a Kidnapping US Unknown
Hannah Montana US Unknown
Hannay UK Canceled/Ended
Hannibal US Unknown
Hannibal (2014) US In Development
Hannibal Buress Live From Chicago US Unknown
Hannity US Returning Series
Hans Klok, See you in Vegas NL Canceled/Ended
Hap and Leonard US In Development
Happening AU Canceled/Ended
Happening '68 US Canceled/Ended
Happening Now US Returning Series
Happily Divorced US Canceled/Ended
Happily Ever After UK Canceled/Ended
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child US Canceled/Ended
Happily Ever Faster US Canceled/Ended
Happily Never After US Returning Series
Happiness UK Canceled/Ended
Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown US New Series
Happiness Isn't Everything US Pilot Rejected
Happy US Canceled/Ended
Happy (2011) US Unknown
Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman US Unknown
Happy Birthday, Charlie Brown US Canceled/Ended
Happy Days US Canceled/Ended
Happy Ending Awards US New Series
Happy Endings US Unknown
Happy Endings (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
Happy Ever After UK Canceled/Ended
Happy Families UK Canceled/Ended
Happy Families (2011) UK New Series
Happy Families (UK) UK New Series
Happy Family US Canceled/Ended
Happy Harmony HK Canceled/Ended
Happy Holidays UK Canceled/Ended
Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank UK New Series
Happy Hollidays UK Canceled/Ended
Happy Hour US Unknown
Happy Hour (NZ) NZ New Series
Happy Hour (RO) RO Returning Series
Happy Lesson AJ Canceled/Ended
Happy Life US Pilot Rejected
Happy Mania JP Canceled/Ended
Happy New Year from 4Music! UK Returning Series
Happy New Year from MTV Base UK Unknown
Happy New Year From MTV Music! UK Unknown
Happy New Year, Charlie Brown! US Canceled/Ended
Happy Otto! Wir haben Grund zum Feiern DE Canceled/Ended
Happy Prince UK New Series
Happy Returns HK Canceled/Ended
Happy Seven JP Canceled/Ended
Happy Time US In Development
Happy Together KR Canceled/Ended
Happy Together (TV-show) KR In Development
Happy Town US Canceled/Ended
Happy Tree Friends US Canceled/Ended
Happy Valley UK Returning Series
Happyish US Unknown
Happyland US Unknown
Har Ar Ditt Liv SE Returning Series
Harald Schmidt DE Canceled/Ended
Harald Schmidt (2009) DE New Series
Harbor Command US Canceled/Ended
Harbour Lights UK Canceled/Ended
Harbour Lives UK Returning Series
Harbourmaster US Canceled/Ended
Hard FR Returning Series
Hard (US) US In Development
Hard Copy US Canceled/Ended
Hard Copy (1987) US Canceled/Ended
Hard Cover US In Development
Hard Day’s Night RU New Series
Hard Earned US New Series
Hard Fate HK Canceled/Ended
Hard Knocks US Returning Series
Hard Parts: South Bronx US Canceled/Ended
Hard Shine US Canceled/Ended
Hard Spell UK Canceled/Ended
Hard Time US Canceled/Ended
Hard Time on Planet Earth US Canceled/Ended
Hard Times UK Canceled/Ended
Hard Times (1994) UK Canceled/Ended
Hard To Say I Love You JP Unknown
Hardball (1989) US Canceled/Ended
Hardball (1994) US Canceled/Ended
Hardball with Chris Matthews US Returning Series
Hardboiled Eggheads US New Series
Hardcastle & McCormick US Canceled/Ended
Hardcore Heroes US New Series
Hardcore Pawn US Returning Series
Hardcore Pawn: Behind the Deal US New Series
Hardcore Pawn: Chicago US Unknown
Hardcore Profits UK Canceled/Ended
Hardcore TV US Canceled/Ended
Hardcover Mysteries US Canceled/Ended
Hardeep Does Gambling UK Canceled/Ended
Harder US In Development
Harder Than It Looks US New Series
Hardliners AU Canceled/Ended
Hardly Royal US In Development
Hårdrockens Historia SE New Series
Hardscapes US Canceled/Ended
HARDtalk UK Returning Series
HARDtalk Extra UK Returning Series
Hardware UK Canceled/Ended
Hardwicke House UK Canceled/Ended
Hardy Bucks IE Unknown
Hare Tokidoki Buta JP Canceled/Ended
Haré+Guu JP Canceled/Ended
Harimogu Harry JP Canceled/Ended
Harirah NL New Series
Harjakaisen & Piisisen talkoot FI New Series
Hark At Barker UK Canceled/Ended
Harlem Globetrotters Super Hoops Special US New Series
Harlem Heights US Canceled/Ended
Harley Street UK Canceled/Ended
Harley Street (2013) UK New Series
Harley-Davidson US In Development
Harlots, Housewives and Heroines: A 17th Century History For Girl UK Unknown
Harmonia JP Canceled/Ended
Harmonia ~ kono ai no gai de ~ JP Canceled/Ended
Harmony House US In Development
Harmony Street US Canceled/Ended
Harold and the Purple Crayon US Canceled/Ended
Harold Shipman UK New Series
Harper Valley US Canceled/Ended
Harper's Island US Unknown
Harriet the Spy US Canceled/Ended
Harriet's Army UK New Series
Harrigan & Son US Canceled/Ended
Harris Against the World US Canceled/Ended
Harris and Company US Canceled/Ended
Harrow: A Very British School UK New Series
Harry NZ Canceled/Ended
Harry & Cosh UK Canceled/Ended
Harry (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
Harry (US) US Canceled/Ended
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs UK Canceled/Ended
Harry And Paul UK New Series
Harry and Paul's Magnificent Sporting Moments UK New Series
Harry And Paul's Story Of The 2s UK New Series
Harry and the Hendersons US Canceled/Ended
Harry and the Wrinklies UK Canceled/Ended
Harry at 30 UK Unknown
Harry Clarke UK New Series
Harry Enfield and Chums UK Canceled/Ended
Harry Enfield's Brand Spanking New Show UK Canceled/Ended
Harry Enfield's Television Programme UK Canceled/Ended
Harry Hill UK Canceled/Ended
Harry Hill's TV Burp UK Unknown
Harry Hill’s Stars In Their Eyes UK New Series
Harry Loves Lisa US Canceled/Ended
Harry O US Canceled/Ended
Harry Potter: The Making of Diagon Alley US Unknown
Harry Worth UK Canceled/Ended
Harry's Arctic Heroes UK Canceled/Ended
Harry's Game UK Canceled/Ended
Harry's Girls US Canceled/Ended
Harry's Law US Unknown
Harry's Mad UK Canceled/Ended
Harry's Mountain Heroes UK Unknown
Harry's Practice AU Canceled/Ended
Harry's South Pole Heroes UK New Series
Harsh Realm US Canceled/Ended
Hart en Ziel NL Returning Series
Hart in aktie NL Returning Series
Hart Of Dixie US Unknown
Hart of the Annex CA Canceled/Ended
Hart tegen Hard NL New Series
Hart to Hart US Canceled/Ended
Hart van Nederland NL Returning Series
Hartbeat UK Canceled/Ended
Harts of the West US Canceled/Ended
Hartslag NL Canceled/Ended
Harty UK Canceled/Ended
Harty Goes To ... UK Canceled/Ended
Haru : An Unforgettable Day in Korea KR Canceled/Ended
Haru Ranman JP Canceled/Ended
Haru to Natsu JP Canceled/Ended
Haruba-Ke no Sanninme JP Canceled/Ended
Haruka 17 JP Canceled/Ended
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyou Shou~ JP Canceled/Ended
Harvest US In Development
Harvest (2011) US TBD/On The Bubble
Harvest 2013 UK New Series
Harvey Beaks US New Series
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law US Canceled/Ended
Hashire Koumuin! JP Canceled/Ended
HaShminiya IL Canceled/Ended
Haskett's Chance US Pilot Rejected
Hasselhoff - en svensk talkshow SE Returning Series
Hasselhoff vs. The Berlin Wall US Unknown
Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe MX New Series
Hatachi no Kekkon JP Canceled/Ended
Hatachi no Yakusoku JP Canceled/Ended
Hataraki Man (2006) JP Canceled/Ended
Hataraki Man (2007) JP Canceled/Ended
Hataraku Maou-sama! JP Unknown
Hatch's Mill CA Canceled/Ended
Hatching, Matching & Dispatching US Never Aired
Hate in America US Unknown
Hateful But Once Again KR Canceled/Ended
Hatenkō Yugi JP Canceled/Ended
Hatfields & McCoys US Canceled/Ended
Hatfields & McCoys (2013) US Pilot Rejected
Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning US New Series
Hatim IN Canceled/Ended
Hatırla Sevgili TR Canceled/Ended
Hatsu Taiken JP Canceled/Ended
Hatsukoi Limited JP Canceled/Ended
Hattytown Tales UK Canceled/Ended
Hatufim IL Returning Series
Haulin' House US Canceled/Ended
Haunted (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
Haunted (US) US Canceled/Ended
Haunted Collector US Unknown
Haunted Encounters: Face To Face US Returning Series
Haunted Highway US TBD/On The Bubble
Haunted History US Canceled/Ended
Haunted History (2013) US Returning Series
Haunted Homes UK Canceled/Ended
Haunted Hotels US Canceled/Ended
Haunted Junction JP Canceled/Ended
Haunting Australia AU New Series
Haunting Evidence US Canceled/Ended
Havana Quartet US In Development
Have a Heart US Canceled/Ended
Have Cake Will Travel US Canceled/Ended
Have Faith US Canceled/Ended
Have Faith (2012) US Pilot Ordered
Have Fork, Will Travel US Canceled/Ended
Have Gun, Will Travel US Canceled/Ended
Have I Got A Bit More News For You UK Returning Series
Have I Got News for You UK Returning Series
Have I Got You ... Where You Want Me? UK Canceled/Ended
Have You Been Paying Attention? AU New Series
Have You Heard From Johannesburg? US New Series
Have You Scene My Room US In Development
Have Your Say UK In Development
Haven US Final Season
Haversham Hall US Pilot Rejected
Having Babies US Canceled/Ended
Having It Off UK Canceled/Ended
Hawaii US Canceled/Ended
Hawaii Air Rescue US New Series
Hawaii Five-0 US Returning Series
Hawaii Five-O (1968) US Canceled/Ended
Hawaii Life US Returning Series
Hawaiian Eye US Canceled/Ended
Hawaiian Heat US Canceled/Ended
Hawk US Canceled/Ended
Hawkeye US Canceled/Ended
Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans CA Canceled/Ended
Hawkeye, the Pathfinder UK Canceled/Ended
Hawkgirl US In Development
Hawkins US Canceled/Ended
Hawkins Falls US Canceled/Ended
Hawthorne US Canceled/Ended
Häxdansen SE New Series
Haxteq Ropeum AM New Series
Hay alguien ahí ES Canceled/Ended
Hayate the Combat Butler JP Canceled/Ended
Haydaze AU Canceled/Ended
Hayloft Hoedown US Canceled/Ended
Haywire UK Canceled/Ended
Haywire (US) US Canceled/Ended
Hazard Pay US Canceled/Ended
Hazel US Canceled/Ended
Hazel Rhodes US Pilot Rejected
Hazel Scott US Canceled/Ended
Hazell UK Canceled/Ended
Haziran Gecesi TR Canceled/Ended
HBCU Football US Returning Series
HBCU Sports US New Series
HBD US New Series
HBO Documentary Films US New Series
HBO First Look US Returning Series
HBO Specials US Returning Series
HDNet World Report US Returning Series
He & She US Canceled/Ended
He is my Master JP Canceled/Ended
He Kills Coppers UK Canceled/Ended
He Knew He Was Right UK Canceled/Ended
He Left Me for My Mother...And Other Betrayals UK New Series
He Said, She Said US Pilot Rejected
He Said, She Said (1969) US Canceled/Ended
He Shoots, He Scores CA Returning Series
He's a Bully, Charlie Brown US Returning Series
He's A Lady US Canceled/Ended
He's the Mayor US Canceled/Ended
He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown US Canceled/Ended
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) US Canceled/Ended
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002) US Canceled/Ended
Head 2 Head AU Canceled/Ended
Head 2 Toe US Canceled/Ended
Head Case US Canceled/Ended
Head Cases US Unknown
Head First AU Returning Series
Head Games US New Series
Head Games (2012) US Unknown
Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis US Unknown
Head of the Class US Canceled/Ended
Head Over Heels (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
Head Over Heels (US) US Canceled/Ended
Head Rush US New Series
Head Start AU Canceled/Ended
Head to Head US New Series
Headache US In Development
Headbangers Ball US Canceled/Ended
Headcases UK Unknown
Headhunter Chronicles US On Hiatus
Headhunters US In Development
Headhunters (2014) US In Development
Headhunters TV US Returning Series
Heading Out UK Unknown
Headjam UK Canceled/Ended
Headland AU Canceled/Ended
Headline Country US Returning Series
Headline Hunters CA Canceled/Ended
Headline London UK New Series
Headliner Club Series US Returning Series
Headliners UK Canceled/Ended
Headliners with David Frost US Canceled/Ended
Headmaster UK Canceled/Ended
Heads or Tails UK Unknown
Heads Up US Never Aired
Healer KR Unknown
healing AU New Series
Healing Camp, Aren't You Happy KR New Series
Healing Hands HK Canceled/Ended
Health and Efficiency UK Canceled/Ended
Health Angels NL Returning Series
Health Before the NHS UK Canceled/Ended
Health Freaks UK New Series
Health Inspectors US Canceled/Ended
HEALTH KITCHEN RU Returning Series
Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger US Canceled/Ended
Healthy Household Workshop US Canceled/Ended
Healthy, Wealthy And Wise AU Canceled/Ended
Hear No Evil US Unknown
Heard It Through the Grapevine KR Canceled/Ended
Heart & Friends: Home for the Holidays US New Series
Heart a tag KR In Development
Heart and Soul KE Canceled/Ended
Heart and Soul (US) US In Development
Heart Beat CA Canceled/Ended
Heart of a Poet CA Canceled/Ended
Heart of the City US Canceled/Ended
Heart of the City (2009) US Canceled/Ended
Heart Of The Country AU Canceled/Ended
Heart to Heart KR Unknown
Heart vs Mind: What Makes Us Human? UK Unknown
Heartbeat UK Canceled/Ended
HeartBeat (US) US Canceled/Ended
Heartbeat Love TW Canceled/Ended
Heartbreak High AU Canceled/Ended
Heartbreaker US New Series
Heartbreakers US Canceled/Ended
Heartburn Hotel UK Canceled/Ended
Heartland US Canceled/Ended
Heartland (1989) US Canceled/Ended
Heartland (1994) AU Canceled/Ended
Heartland (CA) CA Returning Series
Heartland Bowhunter US Returning Series
Heartland Poker Tour US Returning Series
Heartland Table US Returning Series
Heartland Thunder US Canceled/Ended
Heartland Trucking US In Development
Heartland Waterfowl US Returning Series
Heartless DK New Series
Heartline AU Canceled/Ended
Hearts & Clubs US In Development
Hearts Afire US Canceled/Ended
Hearts and Bones UK Canceled/Ended
Hearts Are Wild US Canceled/Ended
Hearts Of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse AU New Series
Hearts of Nineteen KR Returning Series
Heartstrings (You've Fallen for Me) KR Canceled/Ended
Heat Guy J (JP) JP Canceled/Ended
Heat Guy J (US) AJ Canceled/Ended
Heat of the Sun UK Canceled/Ended
Heat Seekers US TBD/On The Bubble
Heat Vision and Jack US Pilot Rejected
Heathcliff (1980) US Canceled/Ended
Heathcliff (1984) US Canceled/Ended
Heather McDonald: I Don't Mean to Brag US Unknown
Heathers US Pilot Rejected
Heathers (2014) US In Development
Heaven for Betsy US Canceled/Ended
Heaven Help Us US Canceled/Ended
Heaven's Fate KR Canceled/Ended
Heaven's Gate The Definitive Story US Canceled/Ended
Heavenly Match US Unknown
Heavy US Canceled/Ended
Heavy Gear US Canceled/Ended
Heavy Haulers US Canceled/Ended
Heavy Metal L-Gaim JP Canceled/Ended
Heavy Metal Monsters US New Series
Heavy Metal Task Force US Canceled/Ended
Heavy Object JP New Series
Heavy: The Story of Metal US Canceled/Ended
Heavyweights US Canceled/Ended
Heb ik genoeg? NL New Series
Hebburn UK Unknown
Hebridean Celtic Festival UK Returning Series
Hebrides: Islands on the Edge UK New Series
Hec Ramsey US Canceled/Ended
Hector and the Search for Happiness Special UK New Series
Hedgerow House AU Canceled/Ended
Hee Haw Honeys US Canceled/Ended
Hee-Haw US Canceled/Ended
Heel Holland Bakt NL Returning Series
Heer & Meester NL New Series
Heerlijk eerlijk Heertje NL New Series
Heia Tufte NO Canceled/Ended
Heidi DE Canceled/Ended
Heidi (1974) UK Canceled/Ended
Heil Honey I'm Home! UK Unknown
Heilig Gras NL New Series
Heilsubælið IS Canceled/Ended
Heim Herd Hund DE Canceled/Ended
Heimat DE Unknown
Heimsendir IS Unknown
Heimsókn IS Returning Series
Heineken Cup Rugby US New Series
Heir Hunters US Canceled/Ended
Heir Hunters (UK) UK Returning Series
Heirate mich! DE Canceled/Ended
Heiresses US New Series
Heirs to the Dare US New Series
Heist US Canceled/Ended
Heist (2014) US New Series
Hej Rymden SE Canceled/Ended
Heja Björn SE Canceled/Ended
Hela Sverige bakar SE New Series
Held Up US Pilot Rejected
Helden NL New Series
Helden van Hier BE New Series
Heldt DE Returning Series
Helemaal Heppie NL New Series
Helen West UK Canceled/Ended
Helen: A Woman of Today UK Canceled/Ended
Helena BR Canceled/Ended
Hélène et les garçons FR Canceled/Ended
Helga und die Nordlichter DE Canceled/Ended
Heli-Hunter US New Series
Heli-Loggers US Canceled/Ended
Helicopter Heroes UK Returning Series
Helicopter Heroes Down Under UK New Series
Helicopter Missions US New Series
Helicopter Rescue UK New Series
Helicopter Warfare UK New Series
Helix US Unknown
Hell & Highwater US New Series
Hell Date US Canceled/Ended
Hell on the Highway US New Series
Hell on Wheels US Final Season
Hell Town US Canceled/Ended
Hell's Bells UK Canceled/Ended
Hell's Kitchen (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
Hell's Kitchen (US) US Returning Series
Hell's Kitchen - Piekielna kuchnia PL Returning Series
Hellcats US Canceled/Ended
Hellevator US In Development
Hellfjord NO Canceled/Ended
Hello Baby KR Unknown
Hello Campers UK New Series
Hello Cheeky UK Canceled/Ended
Hello Counselor (안녕하세요) KR Returning Series
Hello f(x) KR Canceled/Ended
Hello Goodbye (BE) BE New Series
Hello Goodbye (NL) NL Returning Series
Hello Goodbye (UK) UK New Series
Hello Kitty Flanigan AU New Series
Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater US Canceled/Ended
Hello Kitty's Paradise AJ Canceled/Ended
Hello Ladies US Canceled/Ended
Hello Mum UK Canceled/Ended
Hello My Teacher KR Canceled/Ended
Hello Ross US Unknown
Hello! Balbari KR Canceled/Ended
Hello! Lady Lin JP Canceled/Ended
Hello! Sandybelle JP Canceled/Ended
Hello, Francesca KR Canceled/Ended
Hello, God! KR Canceled/Ended
Hello, Good Afternoon, Welcome UK Canceled/Ended
Hello, Lady! KR Canceled/Ended
Hello, Larry US Canceled/Ended
Hello, Sucker! US Canceled/Ended
Hellsing (JP) JP Canceled/Ended
Hellsing (US) AJ Canceled/Ended
Hellsing Ultimate JP Unknown
Hellstrøm Inviterer NO New Series
Hellstrøm Rydder Opp NO Returning Series
Hellstrøm Rydder Opp - Hjemme NO Returning Series
Hellstrøms Mesterkokk NO New Series
Helly Hansen Beauty And The Beast Marathon UK New Series
Help UK Canceled/Ended
Help Around the House US Canceled/Ended
Help Desk US Returning Series
Help Me Help My Child UK Canceled/Ended
Help Me Help You US Unknown
Help Mijn Man Heeft Een Hobby NL New Series
Help My School Trip is Magic UK New Series
Help on the Homefront US Canceled/Ended
Help Wanted US Canceled/Ended
Help Your Self with Angus Deayton UK Canceled/Ended
Help! (JP) JP Canceled/Ended
Help! (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
HELP! I'm a Teenage Outlaw UK Canceled/Ended
Help! I'm Snowtrapped UK New Series
Help! My House Is Falling Down UK TBD/On The Bubble
Help! My Supply Teacher Is Magic UK Returning Series
Help!... It's the Hair Bear Bunch US Canceled/Ended
Help, mijn man is klusser! NL Returning Series
Help, Ons Kind Is Te Dik NL New Series
Help, What's Killing Me? US Unknown
Helt Perfekt NO Returning Series
Helt Vilt NO New Series
Helter Skelter US Canceled/Ended
Hem till Midgård SE Canceled/Ended
Hemelpaort, De NL Canceled/Ended
Hemispheres AU Returning Series
Hemliga svenska rum SE Unknown
Hemlock Grove US Final Season
Hen Zemi JP Canceled/Ended
Hench US In Development
Hennesey US Canceled/Ended
Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History UK New Series
Henry Cecil and Frankel: The Greatest Racing Story Of All Time UK New Series
Henry Danger US New Series
Henry Hugglemonster UK New Series
Henry Morgan's Great Talent Hunt US Canceled/Ended
Henry Rollins: Uncut US Canceled/Ended
Henry van Loon Entertainment show, De NL Pilot Ordered
Henry VII : Winter King UK Unknown
Henry VIII UK Canceled/Ended
Henry VIII's Enforcer: The Rise And Fall Of Thomas Cromwell UK Unknown
Henry VIII: Patron or Plunderer? UK New Series
Henry VIII: The Mind of a Tyrant UK Canceled/Ended
Henry's Cat UK Canceled/Ended
Henry's Film Corner US Canceled/Ended
Henry's World CA Canceled/Ended
Hens Behaving Badly UK New Series
Henshin Interviewer no Yuutsu JP Unknown
Her House KR Canceled/Ended
Her Legend KR Unknown
Her Lovely Heels KR Unknown
Her Majesty the Queen's Christmas Message UK Returning Series
Her Majesty's Pleasure UK Canceled/Ended
Her Majesty's Prison Aylesbury UK New Series
Herberg De Verandering NL New Series
Herbert & Schnipsi DE Canceled/Ended
Herbie, the Love Bug US Canceled/Ended
Herblock: The Black & the White US Unknown
Hercules the Human Bear UK New Series
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys US Unknown
Here and Now US Canceled/Ended
Here and Now (1961) US Canceled/Ended
Here Come the Brides US Canceled/Ended
Here Come the Double Deckers UK Canceled/Ended
Here Come the Newlyweds US Canceled/Ended
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo US Unknown
Here Comes Peter Cottontail US Canceled/Ended
Here Comes the Grump US Canceled/Ended
Here Comes the Weekend! Big Hit Mix UK New Series
Here To Stay CA Canceled/Ended
Here We Go Again US Canceled/Ended
Here's Boomer US Canceled/Ended
Here's Dawn AU Canceled/Ended
Here's Duffy CA Canceled/Ended
Here's Edie US Canceled/Ended
Here's Harry UK Canceled/Ended
Here's Hollywood US Canceled/Ended
Here's How CA Canceled/Ended
Here's Howard UK Canceled/Ended
Here's Lucy US Canceled/Ended
Herederos de una venganza AR Unknown
Heren van Oranje NL New Series
Herenstraat 10 NL Canceled/Ended
Hereward the Wake UK Canceled/Ended
Here’s Your Damn Family US In Development
Heritage US Canceled/Ended
Heritage! The Battle for Britain's Past UK Unknown
Herkansing, De NL New Series
Herlock And Sholmes UK Canceled/Ended
Herman Helpt NL Returning Series
Herman zoekt kerststerren NL New Series
Herman's Head US Canceled/Ended
Hermanos ES New Series
Hermanos y Detectives AR Canceled/Ended
Hermans Helden NL Canceled/Ended
Hermans Kookeiland NL New Series
Herman’s Restaurant School NL New Series
Hermitage Revealed UK New Series
Hero JP Canceled/Ended
Hero Animals UK New Series
Hero Bank JP Returning Series
Hero Corp FR Returning Series
Hero Factory US Returning Series
Hero Ships US Unknown
Hero Squad UK Returning Series
Hero Tales JP Canceled/Ended
Hero to Zero UK Canceled/Ended
Hero: 108 US New Series
Hero: Unseen Warfare KR Canceled/Ended
Heroes US Canceled/Ended
Heroes & Villains UK Canceled/Ended
Heroes (영웅호걸) KR Unknown
Heroes Anonymous US Pilot Rejected
Heroes of Comedy UK Canceled/Ended
Heroes of Cosplay US Unknown
Heroes of Hell's Highway US Unknown
Heroes Of History UK Canceled/Ended
Heroes of the North CA Returning Series
Heroes of the Skies UK New Series
Heroes Reborn US New Series
Heroes Under Fire US Canceled/Ended
Heroes Unmasked UK Canceled/Ended
Heroes: Destiny US Unknown
Heroes: Going Postal US Unknown
Heroes: Phoenix US Canceled/Ended
Heroes: The Recruit US Unknown
Heroes: The Story of the Fifa Women’s World Cup UK New Series
Heroic Age JP Canceled/Ended
Heroman JP Canceled/Ended
Herrie Aan De Horizon NL New Series
Herrie Gezocht NL New Series
Herrie In De Keuken NL Returning Series
Herrie in het Hotel NL Returning Series
Herrie in je Huiskamer NL New Series
Herrie met Sterren NL New Series
Herrie XXL NL New Series
Hertenkamp NL Canceled/Ended
Herzensbrecher – Vater von vier Söhnen DE Returning Series
Herzflimmern - Liebe zum Leben DE Final Season
Herzog DE Canceled/Ended
Hessie's Shed AU Canceled/Ended
Heston Blumenthal – In Search Of Perfection UK Returning Series
Heston's Fantastical Food UK New Series
Heston's Feasts UK New Series
Heston's Great British Food UK New Series
Heston's Mission Impossible UK New Series
Heston's Recipe For Romance UK New Series
Het België van... NL Canceled/Ended
Het Beste Moet Nog Komen BE New Series
Het beste van Big Brother NL Canceled/Ended
Het bloed kruipt NL Canceled/Ended
Het drama van... NL New Series
Het Eiland BE Canceled/Ended
Het eilandgevoel van Schiermonnikoog NL New Series
Het Geslacht De Pauw BE Canceled/Ended
Het Goddelijke Monster BE Canceled/Ended
Het Huis Anubis En De Vijf Van Het Magische Zwaard NL Returning Series
Het Huis van Wantrouwen BE Unknown
Het is weer zo laat NL Canceled/Ended
Het Jaaroverzicht Live BE New Series
Het Lichaam Van Coppens BE New Series
Het Liegebeest BE Canceled/Ended
Het Metropole Orkest ontmoet NL New Series
Het proces BE Canceled/Ended
Het Programma van Wim Helsen BE Canceled/Ended
Het Rob-rapport BE Canceled/Ended
Het snelle geld NL Returning Series
Het snoer om NL New Series
Het Spiegelpaleis BE New Series
Het Spijt Me NL Returning Series
Het Sterke Geslacht BE New Series
Het sterkste Netwerk BE New Series
Het Verdriet van Europa BE New Series
Het zijn net Mensen BE New Series
Hetalia - Axis Powers JP Canceled/Ended
Hetalia: The Beautiful World JP Canceled/Ended
Hetalia: The World Twinkle JP New Series
Hetalia: World Series JP Canceled/Ended
Heterdaad BE Canceled/Ended
Heti Hetes HU Returning Series
Hetty Feather UK New Series
Hetty Wainthropp Investigates UK Canceled/Ended
heute-show DE New Series
Hex UK Canceled/Ended
Hey Arnold! US Canceled/Ended
Hey Bartender US Unknown
Hey Big Spenders! Shopaholics Exposed UK New Series
Hey Brian! UK Canceled/Ended
Hey Dad...! AU Canceled/Ended
Hey Dude US Canceled/Ended
Hey Duggee UK New Series
Hey Hey It's Saturday AU Canceled/Ended
Hey Landlord US Canceled/Ended
Hey Monie! US Canceled/Ended
Hey Mulligan US Canceled/Ended
Hey Paula US Canceled/Ended
Hey Remember! US Canceled/Ended
Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL US New Series
Hey Vern, It's Ernest! US Canceled/Ended
Hey You AU Canceled/Ended
Hey! Bumboo JP Canceled/Ended
Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ JP Returning Series
Hey! Spring of Trivia US Canceled/Ended
Hey, Jeannie! US Canceled/Ended
Hey, Joel! US Canceled/Ended
Hey, Remember Christmas? CA New Series
Hey, Taxi CA Canceled/Ended
Heylen en de Herkomst BE New Series
HeyUsa US Returning Series
HGTV $250,000 Challenge US Canceled/Ended
HGTV Dream Home US Returning Series
HGTV Dream Home Giveaway US Returning Series
HGTV Green Home US Canceled/Ended
HGTV Smart Home US New Series
HGTV Smart Home Giveaway US New Series
HGTV Specials US New Series
HGTV Star US Canceled/Ended
HGTV Urban Oasis US Returning Series
HGTV'd US On Hiatus
HGTV's Great Rooms US TBD/On The Bubble
Hi Diddle Day CA Canceled/Ended
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi US Canceled/Ended
Hi Honey, I'm Home! US Canceled/Ended
Hi My Sweetheart TW Canceled/Ended
Hi no Ataru Basho JP Canceled/Ended
Hi no Tori JP Canceled/Ended
Hi Scoool! Seha Girl JP Canceled/Ended
Hi Tide US New Series
Hi-5 AU Returning Series
Hi-5 (US) US Canceled/Ended
Hi-de-Hi! UK Canceled/Ended
Hi-Jinks US Canceled/Ended
Hi-Score US Canceled/Ended
Hibike! Euphonium JP Canceled/Ended
Hiccups CA Canceled/Ended
Hickory House UK Canceled/Ended
Hidamari no Ki JP Canceled/Ended
Hidamari Sketch JP Canceled/Ended
Hidan no Aria JP Returning Series
Hidarime Tantei EYE JP Canceled/Ended
Hidden UK Canceled/Ended
Hidden Agenda US Canceled/Ended
Hidden City US TBD/On The Bubble
Hidden Faces US Canceled/Ended
Hidden Habitats US New Series
Hidden Hills US Canceled/Ended
Hidden Histories UK Returning Series
Hidden Histories: Britain's Oldest Family Businesses UK New Series
Hidden History in your House US Returning Series
Hidden Howie: The Private Life of a Public Nuisance US Canceled/Ended
Hidden Identity KR Unknown
Hidden in America US New Series
Hidden Killers UK Returning Series
Hidden Kingdoms UK Unknown
Hidden Lives of Works of Art UK New Series
Hidden Palms US Unknown
Hidden Potential US Canceled/Ended
Hidden Talent UK TBD/On The Bubble
Hidden Treasure Houses UK Returning Series
Hidden Treasures HK Canceled/Ended
Hidden White House US Unknown
Hideaway UK Canceled/Ended
Hider in the house NL New Series
Hiding AU TBD/On The Bubble
Hier slapen jullie NL New Series
Hieroglyph US Never Aired
Higashi no Eden JP Canceled/Ended
Higepiyo JP Unknown
Higglytown Heroes US Canceled/Ended
High Adventure with Lowell Thomas US Canceled/Ended
High And Dry UK Canceled/Ended
High and Low US New Series
High as the Sky, Wide as the Earth KR Returning Series
High Bar US Pilot Rejected
High Chaparall SE Canceled/Ended
High Finance US Canceled/Ended
High Five US Canceled/Ended
High Flyers AU Canceled/Ended
High Heat US New Series
High Hopes UK On Hiatus
High Incident US Canceled/Ended
High Kick KR Unknown
High Kick : The Revenge of the Short Legged KR Unknown
High Kick Through the Roof KR Unknown
High Maintenance US In Development
High Maintenance 90210 US Canceled/Ended
High Moon CA Pilot Rejected
High Mountain Rangers US Canceled/Ended
High Octane US Canceled/Ended
High Performance US Canceled/Ended
High Profits US New Series
High Rise US Canceled/Ended
High Risk US Canceled/Ended
High Rollers (AU) AU Canceled/Ended
High Rollers (US) US Canceled/Ended
High School UK TBD/On The Bubble
High School - Love On KR Unknown
High School Baseball US Returning Series
High School Basketball on ABC US Returning Series
High School Basketball on CBS US New Series
High School Basketball on FOX US New Series
High School Confidential US Canceled/Ended
High School DxD JP Canceled/Ended
High School Football US Returning Series
High School Moms US Canceled/Ended
High school musical, la selección MX Canceled/Ended
High School Musical: Get In The Picture US Canceled/Ended
High School Musical: The Music In You US Canceled/Ended
High School Possession US Unknown
High School Project USA UK Canceled/Ended
High School Reunion US Canceled/Ended
High School Scoreboard US Returning Series
High School Spotlight US Returning Series
High School Star Musical JP New Series
High School USA! US Unknown
High School Wrestling on FOX US New Series
High Sierra Search and Rescue US Canceled/Ended
High Society KR Unknown
High Society (1995) US Canceled/Ended
High Society (2010) US Canceled/Ended
High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman UK Canceled/Ended
High Stakes UK Canceled/Ended
High Stakes (2011) UK Unknown
High Stakes Poker US Canceled/Ended
High Stakes Sweepers US Canceled/Ended
High Street Blues UK Canceled/Ended
High Street Dreams UK New Series
High Tech Rednecks US Returning Series
High Tide US Canceled/Ended
High Times UK Canceled/Ended
High-Low US Canceled/Ended
Highcliffe Manor US Canceled/Ended
Higher US In Development
Higher Definition US Returning Series
Higher Education US Canceled/Ended
Higher Ground US Canceled/Ended
Highgrove: Alan Meets Prince UK New Series
Highland Emergency UK Returning Series
Highland Fling UK Canceled/Ended
Highlander US Unknown
Highlander: The Animated Series US Canceled/Ended
Highlander: The Raven US Canceled/Ended
Highlands UK New Series
Highlight Express US New Series
Highly Questionable US Returning Series
Highston US In Development
Highway Cops NZ Returning Series
Highway Cowboys US New Series
Highway Patrol US Canceled/Ended
Highway Patrol (AU) AU TBD/On The Bubble
Highway Thru Hell CA Returning Series
Highway to Heaven US Canceled/Ended
Highway to Heaven (2014) US In Development
Highway To Sell US On Hiatus
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni JP Canceled/Ended
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni kai JP Canceled/Ended
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku: Outbreak JP Unknown
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira JP Canceled/Ended
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei JP Unknown
Hiiro no Kakera JP Unknown
Hij & Julia NL Canceled/Ended
Hikari no Densetsu JP Canceled/Ended
Hikari to Tomo ni JP Canceled/Ended
Hikarian JP Canceled/Ended
Hikaru no Go JP Canceled/Ended
Hikeshiya Komachi JP Canceled/Ended
Hikon Kazoku JP Canceled/Ended
Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger JP Unknown
Hilary UK Canceled/Ended
Hilary Devey's Women At The Top UK TBD/On The Bubble
Hilary Duff: This Is Now US Canceled/Ended
Hilde Og Brede Show NO Canceled/Ended
Hilfe Hochzeit! - Die schlimmste Woche meines Lebens DE Canceled/Ended
Hill Street Blues US Canceled/Ended
Hillary US In Development
HILLARY CLINTON: Public and Private – One on One with Diane Sawyer US Unknown
Hillary Clinton: The Power of Women UK New Series
Hillbillies For Hire US Unknown
Hillbilly Bears US Canceled/Ended
Hillbilly Blood: A Hardscrabble Life US Returning Series
Hillbilly Handfishin' US Unknown
Hillbilly Thrill Rides US Unknown
Hiller and Diller US Canceled/Ended
Hillsborough UK Canceled/Ended
Hillsborough: A City That Walked Alone UK New Series
Him & Her: The Wedding UK Unknown
Himalaya With Michael Palin UK Unknown
Himawari! JP Canceled/Ended
Hime Chan's Ribbon JP Canceled/Ended
Hime-sama Goyojin JP Canceled/Ended
Himegoto JP Canceled/Ended
Himitsu no Akko-chan JP Canceled/Ended
Himitsu no Hanazono JP Canceled/Ended
Himitsu Sentai Goranger JP Canceled/Ended
Himmelblå NO Canceled/Ended
Himouto! Umaru-chan JP New Series
Hinata Bokko JP Canceled/Ended
Hinch AU Canceled/Ended
Hindenburg: The Last Flight US Unknown
Hindsight US Unknown
Hindsight (1990) AU Canceled/Ended
Hine UK Canceled/Ended
Hinge And Bracket UK Canceled/Ended
Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast DE Canceled/Ended
Hints (2010) NL New Series
Hip Hap Hop CZ Canceled/Ended
Hip Hip Who Ray UK Canceled/Ended
Hip Hop Hold 'Em US Returning Series
Hip Hop Squares US Canceled/Ended
Hip Korea-Seoul AU Returning Series
Hipertensão BR Unknown
HippHipp! SE Returning Series
Hippies UK Canceled/Ended
Hippo v Croc UK New Series
Hippodrome UK Canceled/Ended
Hiram PH Canceled/Ended
Hiring Squad US Unknown
Hiroshima: The Aftermath UK New Series
Hirugao JP Unknown
His & Hers US Canceled/Ended
His & Hers (ESPN2) US New Series
His and Her Circumstances JP Canceled/Ended
His And Hers UK Canceled/Ended
His Lordship Entertains UK Canceled/Ended
His Way US Unknown
Hispania ES Unknown
Hispanic Heritage Awards US New Series
Hissen med Filip och Fredrik SE New Series
Histeria! US Canceled/Ended
Histoires de filles CA Canceled/Ended
Histoires en série FR Unknown
Historieätarna SE Returning Series
History Bites CA Canceled/Ended
History Cold Case UK Canceled/Ended
History Detectives US Returning Series
History Exposed US Returning Series
History In Focus US Canceled/Ended
History IQ US Canceled/Ended
History Made Now: Wheels of Fortune US New Series
History of Music US In Development
History of Now: The Story of the Noughties UK New Series
History of Prostitution UK Canceled/Ended
History of the Eagles US Unknown
History of the Earth NO Unknown
History of the Joke US Canceled/Ended
History of the Salaryman KR Canceled/Ended
History of the World in 2 Hours US Unknown
History Shorts UK New Series
History vs. Hollywood US Canceled/Ended
History's Business US Returning Series
History's Mysteries US Canceled/Ended
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi JP Canceled/Ended
Historyonics UK Canceled/Ended
HIT KR Canceled/Ended
Hit & Miss UK Canceled/Ended
HIT (US) US In Development
Hit and Run UK Canceled/Ended
Hit And Run (2014) UK New Series
Hit Man US Canceled/Ended
Hit Me Baby One More Time (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
Hit Me Baby One More Time (US) US Canceled/Ended
Hit Men US In Development
Hit Men (2013) US In Development
Hit Og Dit NO Canceled/Ended
Hit Record on TV with Joseph Gordon-Levitt US Returning Series
Hit Scene AU Canceled/Ended
Hit The Floor US Returning Series
Hit the Road Jack UK Canceled/Ended
Hit the Stage UK New Series
Hit wo Nerae! JP Canceled/Ended
Hitch US In Development
Hitched US Pilot Rejected
Hitched (UK) UK New Series
Hitched or Ditched US Canceled/Ended
Hitlåtens historia SE Canceled/Ended
Hitler the Junkie US Unknown
Hitler's Generals DE Canceled/Ended
Hitler's Holocaust UK Canceled/Ended
Hitler's Jurassic Zoo US Unknown
Hitler's Riches US Unknown
Hitler's Rise: The Colour Films UK New Series
Hitler's Secret Attack on America US Unknown
Hitler's Warriors DE Unknown
Hitler: The Rise and Fall US New Series
Hitler: The Rise of Evil CA Unknown
Hitlerland US In Development
Hitmaker KR Unknown
Hitmakers US Pilot Rejected
Hito ni Yasashiku JP Canceled/Ended
Hito no Fukou wa Hachimitsu no Aji JP Canceled/Ended
Hitohira JP Canceled/Ended
Hitonatsu no Papa e JP Canceled/Ended
Hitonatsu no Puropozu JP Canceled/Ended
Hitonatsu no Rabu Leta JP Canceled/Ended
Hitori Gurashi JP Canceled/Ended
Hitori shizuka JP Unknown
Hitoribocchi no Kimi ni JP Canceled/Ended
Hitotsu Yane no Shita 1~2 JP Canceled/Ended
Hitsugi no Chaika JP Unknown
Hitsuji no Uta JP Unknown
Hitz US Canceled/Ended
Hive Alive UK New Series
Hive Minds UK New Series
Hizzonner US Canceled/Ended
Hið blómlega bú IS In Development
Hjälp! SE Canceled/Ended
Hjelp Jeg Er Med i Et Japansk Gameshow NO Canceled/Ended
Hjelpekorpset NO New Series
Hjernevask NO Canceled/Ended
Hjerte til hjerte NO Canceled/Ended
Hjørdis DK Unknown
Hlavne, že sa máme radi SK Unknown
Hlemmavideo IS Canceled/Ended
hljómskálinn IS New Series
Hljómsveit Íslands IS Canceled/Ended
HLN After Dark: The Jodi Arias Trial US Unknown
HMS US Pilot Rejected
HMS Paradise UK Canceled/Ended
Ho Goo’s Love KR Unknown
Hoard Hunters UK New Series
Hoarders US Returning Series
Hoarders: Family Secrets US New Series
Hoarding: Behind Closed Doors US TBD/On The Bubble
Hoarding: Buried Alive: Last Chance US Returning Series
Hobby Lobby US Canceled/Ended
Hobgoblin US Pilot Rejected
Hobitit FI Canceled/Ended
HOBOSTI 2x2 RU New Series
Hockey Central Post CA Returning Series
Hockey Central Saturday CA Returning Series
Hockey Night In Canada CA Returning Series
Hockey Night Live on COMCAST SportsNet US New Series
Hockey Night Live on FOX US New Series
Hockey Night Live on MSG US Returning Series
Hockey Night Live on NBC US New Series
Hockey Night Live on NHL Network US Returning Series
Hockey Wives CA New Series
Hockey: A People's History CA Canceled/Ended
Hockey: Men's Champion Trophy AU New Series
Hoe doe jij NL New Series
Hoe heurt het eigenlijk? NL New Series
Hoe Houd Ik Het Spannend? NL New Series
Hoe is het toch met... NL New Series
Hoe Vind Ik Een Vent? NL New Series
Hoe voelen wij ons vandaag? NL Canceled/Ended
Hoe word ik gelukkig NL New Series
Hoe word Ik mama In Amsterdam Zuid? NL New Series
Hoe Wordt 2010? NL New Series
Hoe?Zo! NL Returning Series
Hof van Joosten, Het NL On Hiatus
Hoff the Record UK New Series
Hofleveranciers NL New Series
Hogan Knows Best US Canceled/Ended
Hogan's Heroes US Canceled/Ended
Hoge Bomen NL Returning Series
Hoge Hakken, Strakke Pakken: de makelaars NL New Series
Hogg's Back UK Canceled/Ended
Hogmanay Stories UK Canceled/Ended
Hogs & Heifers US Pilot Rejected
Hogs Gone Wild US Canceled/Ended
Hok Gaing Hung Sum HK Canceled/Ended
Hoke US Pilot Rejected
Hokus Pokus PH Canceled/Ended
Hokuto no Ken Raoh Gaiden: Ten no Haoh JP Canceled/Ended
Holby Blue UK Canceled/Ended
Holby City UK Returning Series
Hold It Please US Canceled/Ended
Hold My Hand KR Unknown
Hold That Camera US Canceled/Ended
Hold That Note US Canceled/Ended
Hold The Front Page UK Canceled/Ended
Holding On UK Canceled/Ended
Holding Out for a Hero UK Unknown
Holding Patterns US Pilot Rejected
Holding The Baby (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
Holding the Baby (US) US Canceled/Ended
Holding The Fort UK Canceled/Ended
Hole in the Road Inspectors UK New Series
Hole in the Wall US Unknown
Hole in the Wall (AU) AU Unknown
Hole in the Wall (BE) BE New Series
Hole in the wall (HK) HK New Series
Hole in the Wall (ID) ID Returning Series
Hole in the Wall (IN) IN New Series
Hole in the Wall (IT) IT New Series
Hole in the Wall (LT) LT Canceled/Ended
Hole in the Wall (NL) NL New Series
Hole in the wall (PH) PH New Series
Hole in the Wall (PL) PL New Series
Hole in the Wall (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
Hole Shot US New Series
Hole to Hole US In Development
Holidate US Canceled/Ended
Holiday AU Canceled/Ended
Holiday Baking Championship US New Series
Holiday Block Party US Unknown
Holiday ER US Unknown
Holiday Feast with Kelis US Unknown
Holiday Handbook US Canceled/Ended
Holiday Heaven on Earth UK TBD/On The Bubble
Holiday Hijack UK TBD/On The Bubble
Holiday Hit Squad UK Returning Series
Holiday Hostage Hell US Canceled/Ended
Holiday Hotel US Canceled/Ended
Holiday Island AU Canceled/Ended
Holiday Kitchen Takeover with Giada and Sabrina US Unknown
Holiday Lodge US Canceled/Ended
Holiday Love Rats Exposed UK New Series
Holiday of My Lifetime UK New Series
Holiday On A Shoestring UK Canceled/Ended
Holiday Showdown UK Unknown
Holiday With Bill Peach AU Canceled/Ended
Holiday: Impossible US Unknown
Holidays US New Series
Holidays in Euroland UK Canceled/Ended
Holidays In The Danger Zone AU New Series
Holky šikovný CZ In Development
Holland Doc NL Returning Series
Holland In Da Hood NL New Series
Holland Sport NL Returning Series
Holland V SG Canceled/Ended
Holland's Got Talent NL Returning Series
Holland's Next Top Model NL Returning Series
Hollands Glorie NL Canceled/Ended
Hollands Hoop NL New Series
Hollandse krijgers NL Canceled/Ended
Hollandse wereldwonderen NL New Series
Hollandse Zaken NL New Series
Holland’s Best Fashion Designer NL New Series
Holliston US Canceled/Ended
Holloway UK TBD/On The Bubble
Holly And Fearne Go Dating UK Canceled/Ended
Holly's Heroes NZ Canceled/Ended
Holly's World US Canceled/Ended
Hollyoaks UK Returning Series
Hollyoaks Later UK Returning Series
Hollyoaks: In the City UK Canceled/Ended
Hollyoaks: Let Loose UK Canceled/Ended
Hollyoaks: Movin' On UK Canceled/Ended
Hollyweird US Never Aired
Hollywood UK Canceled/Ended
Hollywood & Vines CA Returning Series
Hollywood A Go-Go US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood and the Stars US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood and Vine US In Development
Hollywood at Home US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Babble-On US In Development
Hollywood Babylon US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Backstage US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Beat US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Builders US Pilot Rejected
Hollywood Burn US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Buzz US New Series
Hollywood Christmas Parade US Returning Series
Hollywood Connection US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Cycle US New Series
Hollywood Dailies US Returning Series
Hollywood Death Trip US Unknown
Hollywood Divas US Returning Series
Hollywood East US New Series
Hollywood Exes US Returning Series
Hollywood Film Awards US New Series
Hollywood Game Night US Returning Series
Hollywood Girls Night US Unknown
Hollywood Greats UK Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Green US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Heat US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Heights US Unknown
Hollywood Hi-Tech US TBD/On The Bubble
Hollywood Hillbillies US Returning Series
Hollywood House US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Hunter US New Series
Hollywood Icons and Innovators US Unknown
Hollywood Insider US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood is Like High School with Money US Unknown
Hollywood Justice US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Lives UK Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Me UK New Series
Hollywood Moms Night US Pilot Ordered
Hollywood Off Beat US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Off Ramp US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood on the Rocks US Returning Series
Hollywood Opening Night US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Premiere US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Prenup US In Development
Hollywood Residential US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Safari US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Scandals US Returning Series
Hollywood Science US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Screen Test US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Sessions US New Series
Hollywood Showdown US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Singing and Dancing UK New Series
Hollywood Snappers US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Squares US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Summer Theatre US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Talent Scouts US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Theatre Time US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Treasure US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood UK UK Returning Series
Hollywood Uncensored with Sam Rubin US New Series
Hollywood Unzipped: Stylist Wars US New Series
Hollywood Wives US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood Women UK Canceled/Ended
Hollywood's Best Film Directors US Returning Series
Hollywood's Biggest Night US Unknown
Hollywood's Hottest Car Chases US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood's Lost Screen Goddess: Clara Bow UK Unknown
Hollywood's Talking US Canceled/Ended
Hollywood's Top Ten US New Series
Holmes and Yoyo US Canceled/Ended
Holmes Inspection US Returning Series
Holmes Makes it Right CA Returning Series
Holmes On Homes CA Canceled/Ended
Holocaust US Unknown
Holocaust: Night Will Fall UK Unknown
Holos Krayiny UA Returning Series
Holy & Hungry US New Series
Holy @#%*! US Canceled/Ended
Holy Grail Conspiracy: Secrets of the Knights Templar UK New Series
Holy Land KR Unknown
Holy Smokers US New Series
Holyrood Live UK Returning Series
Hombres SE Canceled/Ended
Home US Pilot Ordered
Home & Away (JP) JP Canceled/Ended
Home & Family US Returning Series
Home (AU) AU Canceled/Ended
Home (Hui Jia / Bi An 1945) CN Unknown
Home (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
Home Again UK Canceled/Ended
Home Along da Airport PH Canceled/Ended
Home Along da Riles PH Canceled/Ended
Home and Away (AU) AU Returning Series
Home and Away (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
Home and Design US New Series
Home Away From Home UK New Series
Home Boy PH Canceled/Ended
Home by Novogratz US On Hiatus
Home Chef Showdown US Unknown
Home Cooking Made Easy UK TBD/On The Bubble
Home Delivery US Canceled/Ended
Home Delivery (UK) UK New Series
Home Drama JP Canceled/Ended
Home Energy Savings US Canceled/Ended
Home Factory US New Series
Home Farm Twins UK Canceled/Ended
Home Fires US Canceled/Ended
Home Fires (1980) CA Canceled/Ended
Home Fires (UK) UK Returning Series
Home for Christmas: The Chris Mann Christmas Special US New Series
Home For Life UK New Series
Home for the Holidays UK TBD/On The Bubble
Home for the Weekend US In Development
Home Free US New Series
Home Free (1993) US Canceled/Ended
Home Game in 60 second LK New Series
Home Grown US Pilot Rejected
Home Improvement US Canceled/Ended
Home IQ US Canceled/Ended
Home Is Where the Heart Is UK Unknown
Home James (US) US Canceled/Ended
Home James! UK Canceled/Ended
Home Made Easy US Returning Series
Home Made In America With Sunny Anderson US Canceled/Ended
Home Made Simple US Returning Series
Home Maintenance US Canceled/Ended
Home Movies US Canceled/Ended
Home of the Future UK TBD/On The Bubble
Home Rules US Canceled/Ended
Home Strange Home US On Hiatus
Home Sweet Home AU Canceled/Ended
Home Sweet Home (IN) IN New Series
Home Takeover with Simon & Tomas US Canceled/Ended
Home Theater Workshop US Canceled/Ended
Home Time UK Canceled/Ended
Home to Flip CA Returning Series
Home to Go US Canceled/Ended
Home to Roost UK Canceled/Ended
Home to Stay CA New Series
Home Transformations US Returning Series
Homeboys in Outer Space US Canceled/Ended
Homefront US Canceled/Ended
Homefront (UK) UK TBD/On The Bubble
Homeland US Returning Series
Homeland Security USA US Canceled/Ended
Homeland: Immigration in America US New Series
Homemade Millionaire US Canceled/Ended
Homemade TV CA Canceled/Ended
Homeroom US Canceled/Ended
Homes Across America US Canceled/Ended
Homes and Property UK Unknown
Homes By The Sea UK New Series
Homes from Hell UK TBD/On The Bubble
Homes Under the Hammer UK Returning Series
Hometime US Returning Series
Hometown CA Canceled/Ended
Hometown (US) US Canceled/Ended
Homeward Bound Telethon US New Series
Homewood P.I. US Never Aired
Homework JP Canceled/Ended
Homewrecker US Canceled/Ended
Homewreckers CA Returning Series
Homicide AU Canceled/Ended
Homicide Hunter US Returning Series
Homicide: Life on the Street US Canceled/Ended
Homicidios ES Unknown
Homily UK New Series
Hondo US Canceled/Ended
Honduras Next Top Model HN Returning Series
Honest UK Canceled/Ended
Honest (2010) US Pilot Rejected
Honestly Celeste US Canceled/Ended
Honesty KR Canceled/Ended
Honey and Clover JP Canceled/Ended
Honey Do US Unknown
Honey for Tea UK Canceled/Ended
Honey I Bought The House UK Pilot Ordered
Honey I Ruined the House UK Canceled/Ended
Honey We're Killing the Kids! (US) US Canceled/Ended
Honey West US Canceled/Ended
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show US Canceled/Ended
Honey, We're Killing the Kids (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
Honeymoon Adventures US Canceled/Ended
Honeymoon Suite US Canceled/Ended
Hong Gil Dong KR Canceled/Ended
Hong Kong US Canceled/Ended
Hong Kong Express KR Canceled/Ended
Hong Kong Phooey US Canceled/Ended
Honjitsu mo Hare. Ijo Nashi JP Canceled/Ended
Honke no Yome JP Canceled/Ended
Honky Tonk Heroes UK Canceled/Ended
Honmamon JP Canceled/Ended
Honoo no Labyrinth JP Unknown
Honor Student US Unknown
Honour Kills UK Canceled/Ended
Honto ni Atta Kowaiwa JP Canceled/Ended
Honto ni Atta! Reibai-Sensei JP Canceled/Ended
Hontou ni Atta Kowai Hanashi JP Canceled/Ended
Hoofdprijs, De NL Canceled/Ended
Hoogste Woord, Het NL Returning Series
Hook, Line & Dinner US Returning Series
Hook, Line & Skillet US Unknown
Hook, Line and Sinker AU Returning Series
Hook, Line, and Sisters US Canceled/Ended
Hooked US New Series
Hooked Up With Tom Colicchio US New Series
Hooked: Illegal Drugs US Unknown
Hookers: Saved on the Strip US Canceled/Ended
Hoop Days JP Canceled/Ended
Hooperman US Canceled/Ended
Hoopla Doopla! AU New Series
Hootenanny US Canceled/Ended
Hop nebo trop CZ Canceled/Ended
Hopalong Cassidy US Canceled/Ended
Hope & Faith US Canceled/Ended
Hope and Gloria US Canceled/Ended
Hope and Glory UK Unknown
Hope And Keen UK Canceled/Ended
Hope And Keen's Crazy House UK Canceled/Ended
Hope and Wire NZ New Series
Hope for Wildlife CA Returning Series
Hope For Your Home US Canceled/Ended
Hope Island US Canceled/Ended
Hope It Rains UK Canceled/Ended
Hope Springs UK Canceled/Ended
Hopeful Aging With Dr. John Zeisel US New Series
Hopeless Pictures US Canceled/Ended
Hopkins 24/7 US Canceled/Ended
Hoppity Hopper US Canceled/Ended
Hopscotch US Pilot Rejected
Horace UK Canceled/Ended
Horace and Tina AU Canceled/Ended
Horákovi CZ Canceled/Ended
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun JP Unknown
Hořící keř CZ Unknown
Horizon UK Returning Series
Horizon (2013) US Pilot Rejected
Horizon-5 AU Canceled/Ended
Horizon: Nasa's Mission to Mars US Unknown
Horizon: The New Cat Experiment UK New Series
Horizons US Canceled/Ended
Hornblower UK Canceled/Ended
Horne A'plenty UK Canceled/Ended
Horne And Corden UK New Series
Horns & Hooks US Unknown
Horoscopos US In Development
Horrible Bosses 2 Movie Special UK New Series
Horrible Histories UK Unknown
Horrible Histories with Stephen Fry UK Canceled/Ended
Horrid Henry UK Returning Series
Horrifying Planet US Unknown
Horror Europa With Mark Gatiss UK New Series
Horrorstör US In Development
Horse People With Alexandra Tolstoy UK New Series
Horse Racing on CBS US New Series
Horse Racing on FOX US Returning Series
Horse Racing on NBC US Returning Series
Horse Talk AU Canceled/Ended
Horseland US Canceled/Ended
Horsemeat Banquet UK Unknown
Horseplayers US Returning Series
Horsepower With Martin Clunes UK Returning Series
Hos Martin NO Canceled/Ended
Hoshi no Kinka JP Canceled/Ended
Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi JP Canceled/Ended
Hoshizora Hosupitaru JP Canceled/Ended
Hospital AU Canceled/Ended
Hospital Central ES Returning Series
Hospital Heroes UK Returning Series
Hospitality US In Development
Hospoda CZ Canceled/Ended
Hospoda U Druhé šance CZ New Series
Hostage in Paradise UK New Series
Hostage: Do or Die US TBD/On The Bubble
Hostages US Unknown
Hostal Royal Manzanares ES Canceled/Ended
Hot & Bothered US New Series
Hot American Nights US New Series
Hot and Dangerous with Omid Djalili UK New Series
Hot Auctions AU Canceled/Ended
Hot Beach Houses US New Series
Hot Bench US New Series
Hot blood (JYP) KR Unknown
Hot Chips AU Canceled/Ended
Hot Coffee US Unknown
Hot Country Nights US Canceled/Ended
Hot Docs US Canceled/Ended
Hot Dog US Canceled/Ended
Hot Dog (JP) JP Canceled/Ended
Hot Girls Wanted US Unknown
Hot GRITS US Unknown
Hot Hero Sandwich US Canceled/Ended
Hot In Cleveland US Unknown
Hot L Baltimore US Canceled/Ended
Hot Like Us UK TBD/On The Bubble
Hot Line US Canceled/Ended
Hot Listings Miami US New Series
Hot Mess US Pilot Rejected
Hot Metal UK Canceled/Ended
Hot Mix: Warm Up UK Returning Series
Hot Movie Sets US Unknown
Hot Package US Returning Series
Hot Potato US Canceled/Ended
Hot Properties US Unknown
Hot Property (AU) AU Returning Series
Hot Property (US) US In Development
Hot Pursuit US Returning Series
Hot Pursuit (1984) US Canceled/Ended
Hot Seat US Canceled/Ended
Hot Set US Canceled/Ended
Hot Shots CA Canceled/Ended
Hot Shots (2005) UK Canceled/Ended
Hot Shots (2012) US Returning Series
Hot sluts US Canceled/Ended
Hot Source AU Canceled/Ended
Hot Spots wd New Series
Hot Springs Hotel US Canceled/Ended
Hot Streak US Canceled/Ended
Hot Ticket US Canceled/Ended
Hot Tub Britain UK New Series
Hot Wheels US Canceled/Ended
Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 US Returning Series
Hot Wheels Highway 35 US Canceled/Ended
Hotaru no Hikari JP Unknown
Hotbox CA New Series
Hotel US Canceled/Ended
Hotel 13 DE In Development
Hotel 52 PL Unknown
Hotel Amazon US New Series
Hotel Babylon UK Canceled/Ended
Hotel Big Brother NL Canceled/Ended
Hotel Broadway US Canceled/Ended
Hotel Cosmopolitan US Canceled/Ended
Hotel cæsar NO Returning Series
Hôtel de la plage FR On Hiatus
Hotel de Paree US Canceled/Ended
Hotel de Toekomst NL New Series
Hotel De Witte Raaf NL Canceled/Ended
Hôtel Dieu FR In Development
Hotel Dix US Pilot Rejected
Hotel Erotica US Canceled/Ended
Hotel GB UK TBD/On The Bubble
Hotel Hell US Returning Series
Hotel Imperial UK Canceled/Ended
Hotel Impossible US Returning Series
Hotel In The Clouds UK New Series
Hotel India UK New Series
Hotel King KR Unknown
Hotel M BE New Series
Hotel Malibu US Canceled/Ended
Hotel of Mum and Dad UK New Series
Hotel Paradies DE Canceled/Ended
Hotel Room US Canceled/Ended
Hotel Secrets & Legends US New Series
Hotel Showdown US New Series
Hotel Stephanie UK Canceled/Ended
Hotel Story AU Canceled/Ended
Hotel Trubble UK Canceled/Ended
Hotel Woman JP Canceled/Ended
Hotelier KR Canceled/Ended
Hotell Gyllene Knorren SE Canceled/Ended
Hotell syden NO New Series
Hotelpolitie, De NL Canceled/Ended
hoteriaa JP Canceled/Ended
Hoteru JP Canceled/Ended
Hothouse US Canceled/Ended
Hotman JP Canceled/Ended NL Canceled/Ended
Hotter Than My Daughter UK Canceled/Ended
Hotter Than My Daughter (NL) NL Returning Series
Hottest Hits of '14 UK New Series
Hottest Hits on Starz UK Returning Series
Hottest Hunks 2013 UK Unknown
Hottest Mom in America US Canceled/Ended
Hottest Place on Earth UK Canceled/Ended
Hottrax Motorsport Endurance Championship UK New Series
Hottrax Motorsport Powerbike Tour UK New Series
Hottrax Motorsport Sprint Championship UK New Series
Houdini (ABC) US In Development
Houdini (HISTORY) US Unknown
Houdini and Doyle US In Development
Houkago no Pleiades JP Canceled/Ended
Hounded UK New Series
Hounds US Pilot Rejected
Hounds (NZ) NZ Canceled/Ended
Hour Glass US Canceled/Ended
Hour of Decision US Canceled/Ended
Hour of Mystery UK Canceled/Ended
Hour of Power US Returning Series
Hourou Musuko JP Canceled/Ended
House US Canceled/Ended
House & Home CA Canceled/Ended
House Band US Returning Series
House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta US Returning Series
House Calls US Canceled/Ended
House Crashers US Returning Series
House Crashers: Top 10 US New Series
House Detective US Canceled/Ended
House Doctor UK Canceled/Ended
House Doctor: Designs for Living UK Canceled/Ended
House Doctor: Inside and Out UK Returning Series
House Gift UK TBD/On The Bubble
House Guest UK Unknown
House Hunt in France UK Unknown
House Hunters US Returning Series
House Hunters International US Returning Series
House Hunters International Renovation US New Series
House Hunters Off the Grid US Returning Series
House Hunters on Vacation US Canceled/Ended
House Hunters Pop'd US New Series
House Hunters Renovation US Returning Series
House Husbands AU Returning Series
House Ibiza NL New Series
House Invaders UK Canceled/Ended
House of Anubis US Canceled/Ended
House of Boateng US Canceled/Ended
House of Bryan CA Canceled/Ended
House of Bryan - On The Rocks CA New Series
House of Buggin' US Canceled/Ended
House of Caradus UK Canceled/Ended
House of Cards UK Canceled/Ended
House of Cards (2013) US Returning Series
House Of Cards (USA) US Pilot Rejected
House of Cars ES Returning Series
House of Carters US Canceled/Ended
House of Clues US Canceled/Ended
House of Consignment US Canceled/Ended
House Of Crime UK Canceled/Ended
House of Curves US Unknown
House of Dreams US Canceled/Ended
House of DVF US Returning Series
House of Five Leaves JP Canceled/Ended
House of Food US Canceled/Ended
House Of Fools UK Returning Series
House Of Glam US Canceled/Ended
House of Hancock AU Unknown
House Of Hardcore US New Series
House of Horrors UK Unknown
House of Horrors: Kidnapped US Returning Series
House of Horrors: The Cleveland Kidnappings US Unknown
House of Jazmin US Canceled/Ended
House of Joy US New Series
House of Lies US Returning Series
House of Mouse US Canceled/Ended
House Of Pride CA Canceled/Ended
House Of Saddam UK Canceled/Ended
House of Style Presents: All Up in the VMAs US Unknown
House of Surrogates UK Unknown
House of Tiny Tearaways UK Returning Series
House of Torment US New Series
House Party CA Canceled/Ended
House Party (2008) CA New Series
House Poor CA New Series
House Rules (1998) US Canceled/Ended
House Rules (2003) US Canceled/Ended
House Rules (2009) US Pilot Rejected
House Rules (AU) AU New Series
House Smarts US Returning Series
House Swap UK Returning Series
House vision NL Returning Series
House vs. House US New Series
Housebound: Trapped Inside UK New Series
Housebroken US Pilot Rejected
Housecall UK Canceled/Ended
Househusbands of Hollywood US Canceled/Ended
Housesitters US In Development
Housos AU Returning Series
Houston Beauty US Canceled/Ended
Houston Knights US Canceled/Ended
Houston Medical US Canceled/Ended
Hovimäki FI Canceled/Ended
How UK Canceled/Ended
How (Not) to Kill Your Husband US TBD/On The Bubble
How (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
How 2 UK Canceled/Ended
How and Why US Pilot Ordered
How Art Made The World UK Canceled/Ended
How Big Can It Get US New Series
How Booze Built America US Unknown
How Britain Was Built UK New Series
How Britain Worked UK New Series
How Cities Work UK New Series
How Clean is Your House? (UK) UK Canceled/Ended
How Clean Is Your House? (US) US Canceled/Ended
How Did They Get That Way? US Canceled/Ended
How Do I Look Now? US Canceled/Ended
How Do I Look? US Returning Series
How Do I Look?: The Search for the Worst Dressed in America US New Series
How Do They Do It? CA Returning Series
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? UK Canceled/Ended
How Do You View? UK Canceled/Ended
How Do You Want Me? UK Canceled/Ended
How Drugs Work UK Canceled/Ended
How Earth Made Us UK Canceled/Ended
How God Made The English UK TBD/On The Bubble
How Green Was My Valley UK Canceled/Ended
How Hard Can It Be? US TBD/On The Bubble
How Human Are You? US New Series
How I Met Your Dad US Pilot Rejected
How I Met Your Mother US Unknown
How I Rock It US Returning Series
How It Should Have Ended US Returning Series
How It Was US Returning Series
How It Works UK New Series
How It's Made US Returning Series
How It's Made: Dream Cars US Returning Series
How Jaws Changed the World UK New Series
How London Was Built UK Canceled/Ended
How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth UK Canceled/Ended
How Much Do You Love Me AU Canceled/Ended
How Much Is Enough? US Canceled/Ended
How Murray Saved Christmas US New Series
How Music Works with Howard Goodall UK Canceled/Ended
How Not To Behave AU New Series
How Not to Decorate UK Canceled/Ended
How Not to Get Old UK New Series
How Not to Live Your Life UK Canceled/Ended
How Rich Are You? UK New Series
How Safe Are Britain's Roads? UK New Series
How Safe Are My Drugs? UK New Series
How Safe are Our Planes? UK New Series
How Safe Is Your House? UK New Series
How Sex Changed the World US Unknown
How Sex Works UK New Series
How Sherlock changed the World US New Series
How Superman Defeated the KKK US Unknown
How Tech Works UK New Series
How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin US Unknown
How the Earth Changed History US New Series
How the Earth Got Its Shapes US New Series
How The Earth Was Made US Returning Series
How the Earth Works US New Series
How the Hell Am I Normal? US Pilot Ordered
How The Other Half Eat UK New Series
How the Other Half Learns UK Returning Series
How The Other Half Live UK New Series
How the Rich Get Hitched UK New Series
How the Stars Get Hot US Canceled/Ended
How the States Got Their Shapes US Unknown
How the Universe Works US Returning Series
How the Universe Works: Expanded Edition US Returning Series
How the West Was Won US Canceled/Ended
How the Wild West Was Won with Ray Mears UK New Series
How the Women's Ashes Were Won UK Unknown
How To US Canceled/Ended
How to Be a Better American US Pilot Rejected
How to be a Billionaire UK New Series
How to be a Gardener Revisited UK Canceled/Ended
How To Be a Gentleman US Unknown
How to Be a Grown Up US Returning Series
How to be a Lady: An Elegant History UK Unknown
How to be a Little Sod UK Canceled/Ended
How to Be a Property Developer UK Returning Series
How to Be a Young Billionaire UK New Series
How to be an Adult US In Development
How To Be An Alien UK Canceled/Ended
How To Be Bohemian With Victoria Coren Mitchell UK New Series
How To Be Epic @ Everything UK New Series
How To Be Happy IE New Series
How To Be Indie CA New Series
How to be Married with Sharon Horgan UK New Series
How to Beat UK New Series
How to Boil Water US Canceled/Ended
How to Build a Better Boy US Unknown
How to Build a Planet US Unknown
How To Build... UK Returning Series
How to Cook Like Heston UK Unknown
How to Divorce Without Screwing Up Your Children UK Canceled/Ended
How to Do Florida US Returning Series
How to Find Love Online UK New Series
How to Get a Council House UK New Series
How to Get Ahead: UK New Series
How To Get Away With Murder US Returning Series
How to Get the Guy US Canceled/Ended
How to Get to Heaven with the Hutterites UK New Series
How to Get What You Want UK New Series
How to Get Your Dream Job UK Canceled/Ended
How to Grow a Planet UK Canceled/Ended
How to Haggle for a House UK New Series
How To I Do US Canceled/Ended
How To Lead A Life Of Crime US In Development
How To Live A Simple Life UK New Series
How To Live Beyond 100 UK New Series
How to Live to 100 US New Series
How to Live with Women UK New Series
How to Live With Your Parents US Unknown
How to Look Good Naked UK Returning Series
How To Look Good Naked (US) US Canceled/Ended
How to Make a Man US Unknown
How to Make a Number One Record UK New Series
How to Make It in America US Unknown
How to Make Love to My Wife CA Canceled/Ended
How To Marry A Millionaire US Canceled/Ended
How to Rock US Canceled/Ended
How to Start Your Own Country UK Canceled/Ended
How To Stay Alive? NL New Series
How to Survive a Marriage US Canceled/Ended
How to Survive the End of the World US New Series
How to Survive the Property Crisis UK New Series
How to Take Stunning Pictures UK New Series
How to Win in the Den UK New Series
How TV Changed Britain UK New Series
How TV Ruined Your Life UK Canceled/Ended
How We Built Britain UK Canceled/Ended
How We Got Here US New Series
How We Got To Now with Steven Johnson US New Series
How We Invented The World UK Canceled/Ended
How We Live US Pilot Ordered
How We Won the War UK New Series
How William Shatner Changed the World US Canceled/Ended
How'd They Do That? US Canceled/Ended
How'd You Get So Rich? US Canceled/Ended
How's That Work? US Canceled/Ended
How's Your Father UK Canceled/Ended
How's Your Father? UK Canceled/Ended
How's Your Mother-in-Law? US Canceled/Ended
How's Your News? US Canceled/Ended
Howard Goodall's Story Of Music UK New Series
Howard K. Smith US Canceled/Ended
Howard Stern US Canceled/Ended
Howard Stern on Demand US Returning Series
Howard Stern: The Teenage Years US Never Aired
Howard The Mild Colonial Boy AU Canceled/Ended
Howards' Way UK Canceled/Ended
Howdy Doody US Unknown
Howe & Howe Tech US Canceled/Ended
Howie US Canceled/Ended
Howie Do It US Canceled/Ended
Howl US New Series
HowStuffWorks US Canceled/Ended
Howzat! Kerry Packer's War AU New Series
How’d That Get On My Plate? US Canceled/Ended
Hoze Hounds Unknown
HPW Aggression US Never Aired
HR JP Canceled/Ended
HR (US) US Pilot Ordered
Hraběnky CZ Unknown
Hříšní lidé Města pražského CZ Canceled/Ended
Hrvatski Top Model HR On Hiatus
HS Stories US Canceled/Ended
Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu TW Unknown
Huang Jin 60 Miao CN New Series
Hub Network's First Annual Halloween Bash US New Series
Hubble's Cosmic Journey US Unknown
Hububb UK Canceled/Ended
Huckleberry Finn and His Friends CA Canceled/Ended
Hudd UK Canceled/Ended
Hudební masakry CZ New Series
Hudson Street US Canceled/Ended
Hudson's Bay CA Canceled/Ended
Huey's Cooking Adventures AU Returning Series
Huey's TV Dinners AU Canceled/Ended
Huff US Canceled/Ended
Huge US Canceled/Ended
Hugh And I UK Canceled/Ended
Hugh And I Spy UK Canceled/Ended
Hugh Jackman: Becoming Wolverine UK New Series
Hugh Laurie Live on the Queen Mary NZ Unknown
Hugh Laurie's Blues Changes UK Unknown
Hugh's 3 Good Things UK New Series
Hugh's Big Fish Fight UK New Series
Hugh's Chicken Run UK Canceled/Ended
Hugh's Fish Fight UK New Series
Hugh's Three Hungry Boys UK New Series
Hughie Green, Most Sincerely UK Canceled/Ended
Huh Joon KR Canceled/Ended
Huh? US In Development
Huis Anubis, Het NL Canceled/Ended
Huis Te Koop NL New Series
Huizenjacht NL New Series
Hul i hovedet DK Returning Series
Hulbert Follies UK Canceled/Ended
Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling US Canceled/Ended
Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling US Canceled/Ended
Hulk Hogan’s MCW US New Series
Hull High US Canceled/Ended
Hullabaloo US Canceled/Ended
Human US In Development
Human Body: Pushing the Limits US Canceled/Ended
Human Cargo CA Canceled/Ended
Human Crossing JP Canceled/Ended
Human Error US In Development
Human Giant US Canceled/Ended
Human Guinea Pigs UK New Series
Human Planet UK Canceled/Ended
Human Remains UK Canceled/Ended
Human Resources US Returning Series
Human Sacrifice US Canceled/Ended
Human Safari US New Series
Human Target (1992) US Canceled/Ended
Human Target (2010) US Unknown
Human Trafficking US Canceled/Ended
Human Universe with Professor Brian Cox UK New Series
Human Version 2.0 US Canceled/Ended
Human Weapon US Canceled/Ended
Human Wrecking Balls US Returning Series
Humanitas US Pilot Rejected
Humanly Impossible US Canceled/Ended
Humans UK On Hiatus
Hummingbirds US New Series
Humor tv op 3 NL New Series
Humphrey B. Bear AU Canceled/Ended
Hundepatruljen Oslo NO New Series
Hunder i Arbeid NO Returning Series
Hunderby UK Unknown
Hung US Unknown
Hungary's Next Top Model HU Returning Series
Hungry US In Development
Hungry Beast AU New Series
Hungry Brothers US Unknown
Hungry Games US New Series
Hungry Girl US Returning Series
Hungry Heart - Wild Striker JP Canceled/Ended
Hungry Investors US New Series
Hungry Men at Work US In Development
Hungry! JP Unknown
Hunks UK New Series
Hunt For Big Fish US Returning Series
Hunt for the Arctic Ghost Ship UK New Series
Hunt for the Giant Octopus US New Series
Hunt for the Mad Trapper US Unknown
Hunt for the Super Predator US Unknown
Hunted UK Unknown
Hunted (UK) UK New Series
Hunted: The War Against Gays In Russia US Unknown
Hunter (1977) US Canceled/Ended
Hunter (1984) US Canceled/Ended
Hunter (2003) US Canceled/Ended
Hunter (AU) AU Canceled/Ended
Hunter (UK) UK New Series
Hunter and Hunted US Returning Series
Hunter X Hunter (1999) JP Canceled/Ended
Hunter X Hunter (2011) JP Canceled/Ended
Hunter's Gold NZ Canceled/Ended
Hunter's Walk UK Canceled/Ended
Hunters US In Development
Hunters and Hunted US Returning Series
Hunters Of The South Seas UK New Series
Huntik-Secrets and Seekers IT Canceled/Ended
Huntin' the World US New Series
Hunting Chris Ryan UK Canceled/Ended
Hunting Freaks US New Series
Hunting Hitler's Stolen Treasures: The Monuments Men US Unknown
Hunting Justice with William Phelps US In Development
Hunting Season US New Series
Hunting the Doorstep Conmen UK New Series
Hunting the Plague US New Series
Huntley-Brinkley Report US Canceled/Ended
Huracán MX Canceled/Ended
Hurl! US New Series
Hurrem Sultan TR Unknown
Hurricane - The Anatomy UK New Series
Hurricane 360 US New Series
Hurricane Hunters US Returning Series
Hurricanes US Canceled/Ended
Hurricanes and Heatwaves: The Highs and Lows of British Weather UK Unknown
Hurtta ja stara FI New Series
Husband Hunters US In Development
Husbands US New Series
Husbands, Wives & Lovers US Canceled/Ended
Huskestue NO New Series
Hustle UK Canceled/Ended
Hustling America UK New Series
Hustling the House US Unknown
Huvila&Huussi FI New Series
Huxley Pig UK Canceled/Ended
Huy Vo VN Pilot Ordered
Huysuz'la Dans Eder misin? TR Canceled/Ended
Hvaler NO New Series
Hvem kan slå Aamodt og Kjus? NO Returning Series
Hvem kan slå ylvis? NO Canceled/Ended
Hvem vil være millionær? DK Returning Series
Hver gang vi møtes NO Returning Series
Hvert stefnir Ísland? IS Canceled/Ended
Hvíti víkingurinn IS Canceled/Ended
Hwajung KR New Series
Hwang Jin-i KR Canceled/Ended
Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls JP Canceled/Ended
Hyakki Yakosho JP Canceled/Ended
Hyakko JP Canceled/Ended
Hyakujūō GoLion JP Canceled/Ended
Hyakujuu Sentai GaoRanger JP Unknown
Hybrid Child JP Unknown
Hybrid Life AU Canceled/Ended
Hyde, Jekyll, Me KR Unknown
Hyena Princess US Unknown
Hyôten JP Unknown
Hyoten 2001 JP Canceled/Ended
Hyouge Mono JP Canceled/Ended
Hyouheki JP Canceled/Ended
Hyouka JP Canceled/Ended
Hyoyeon's Million Likes KR Unknown
HypaSpace CA Canceled/Ended
Hype US Canceled/Ended
Hyper Police JP Canceled/Ended
Hyperdrive UK Canceled/Ended
Hyperion Bay US Canceled/Ended
Hypernauts US Canceled/Ended
Hypochondriac US In Development
Hysteria US Pilot Rejected
Hyuna Free Month KR Unknown
Hyundai A-League UK New Series
Hyundai A-League (AU) AU New Series
Hyundai A-League Highlights UK New Series
Hyvät ja huonot uutiset FI Returning Series
Hæ Gosi IS Canceled/Ended
hæðin IS Canceled/Ended



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