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   The Secret Life of the American Teenager - 05x04 - Lies And Byes  
   Two and a Half Men - 09x23 - The Straw In My Donut Hole  
   Desperate Housewives - 08x21 - The People Will Hear  
   Private Practice - 05x20 - True Colors  
   Cougar Town - 03x10 - Southern Accents  
   Two and a Half Men - 09x21 - Mr. Hose Says 'Yes'  
   One Tree Hill - 09x13 - One Tree Hill  
   One Tree Hill - 09x11 - Danny Boy  
   Switched At Birth - 01x22 - Venus, Cupid, Folly, And Time  
   Two and a Half Men - 09x19 - Palmdale, Ech  
   Private Practice - 05x17 - The Letting Go  
   Switched At Birth - 01x20 - Game On  
   Switched At Birth - 01x19 - Write A Lonely Soldier  
   Two and a Half Men - 09x18 - The War Against Gingivitis  
   One Tree Hill - 09x07 - Last Known Surroundings  
   The Lying Game - 01x18 - Not Guilty As Charged  
   Two and a Half Men - 09x17 - Not In My Mouth  
   Desperate Housewives - 08x14 - Get Out of My Life  
   Private Practice - 05x15 - You Break My Heart  
   Cougar Town - 03x01 - Ain't Love Strange  
   Switched At Birth - 01x17 - Protect Me From What I Want  
   The Lying Game - 01x17 - No Country For Young Love  
   Desperate Housewives - 08x13 - Is This What You Call Love?  
   Grey's Anatomy - 08x14 - All You Need Is Love  
   Suburgatory - 01x13 - Sex and the Suburbs  
   One Tree Hill - 09x05 - The Killing Moon  
   Switched At Birth - 01x16 - Las Dos Fridas  
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