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   Suburgatory - 03x12 - Les Lucioles  
   Awkward - 02x06 - What Comes First: Sex Or Love?  
   Awkward - 02x05 - My Love Is A Black Heart  
   Teen Wolf - 02x09 - Party Guessed  
   True Blood - 05x03 - Whatever I Am, You Made Me  
   The Borgias - 02x10 - The Confession  
   True Blood - 05x02 - Authority Always Wins  
   Supernatural - 07x23 - Survival of the Fittest  
   The Borgias - 02x05 - The Choice  
   The Borgias - 02x04 - Stray Dogs  
   Supernatural - 07x20 - The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo  
   Suburgatory - 01x19 - Entering Eden  
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