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81The Blind Auditions PremierePortuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
82The Blind Auditions, Part 2Portuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
83The Blind Auditions, Part 3Portuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
84The Blind Auditions, Part 4Portuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
85The Best of BlindsEnglishWEBRip CompletedDownload
86Blinds End and Battles BeginPortuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
87The Battles Premiere, Part 2Portuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
88The Battles, Part 3Portuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
89The Battles, Part 4Portuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
810The Knockouts PremiereEnglishPOKE CompletedDownload
810The Knockouts PremierePortuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
811The Knockouts, Part 2Portuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
811The Knockouts, Part 2EnglishWEBRip CompletedDownload
811The Knockouts, Part 2FrenchWEBRip 0.10% CompletedDownload
811The Knockouts, Part 2EnglishPOKE CompletedDownload
812The Knockouts, Part 3EnglishWEBRip CompletedDownload
812The Knockouts, Part 3Portuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
813The Road to the Live ShowsEnglishWEBRip CompletedDownload
813The Road to the Live ShowsPortuguese (Brazilian)WEBRip CompletedDownload
814The Live Playoffs, Night 1Portuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
815The Live Playoffs, Night 2Portuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
816The Live Playoffs ResultsPortuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
817Live Top 12 PerformancesPortuguese (Brazilian)WEBRip CompletedDownload
818Live Top 12 ResultsPortuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
819Live Top 10 PerformancesPortuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
820Live Top 10 ResultsPortuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
821Live Top 8 PerformancesPortuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
822Live Top 8 ResultsPortuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
823Live Top 6 PerformancesPortuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
824Live Top 6 ResultsPortuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
825Live Semifinals PerformancesPortuguese (Brazilian)WEBRip CompletedDownload
826Live Semifinals ResultsPortuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
827Live Finale, Part 1Portuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
828Live Finale, Part 2Portuguese (Brazilian)POKE CompletedDownload
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