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110Olympics Special PreviewPortuguese (Brazilian)PWE CompletedDownload
112The Blind Auditions PremierePortuguese (Brazilian)ALTEREGO CompletedDownload
113The Blind Auditions, Part 2Portuguese (Brazilian)HEAT CompletedDownload
114The Blind Auditions, Part 3Portuguese (Brazilian)ALTEREGO CompletedDownload
115The Blind Auditions, Part 4Portuguese (Brazilian)HEAT CompletedDownload
116The Blind Auditions, Part 5Portuguese (Brazilian)PWE CompletedDownload
117Best of the Blind AuditionsPortuguese (Brazilian)ALTEREGO CompletedDownload
118Battle Rounds PremierePortuguese (Brazilian)PWE CompletedDownload
119Battle Rounds, Part 2Portuguese (Brazilian)ALTEREGO CompletedDownload
1110Battle Rounds, Part 3Portuguese (Brazilian)ALTEREGO CompletedDownload
1111Battle Rounds, Part 4Portuguese (Brazilian)PWE CompletedDownload
1112Knockouts PremierePortuguese (Brazilian)PWE CompletedDownload
1113Knockouts, Part 2Portuguese (Brazilian)PWE CompletedDownload
1114Knockouts, Part 3Portuguese (Brazilian)PWE CompletedDownload
1116Live PlayoffsPortuguese (Brazilian)WEB-DL-JIVE CompletedDownload
1117Live Top 12 PerformancesPortuguese (Brazilian)SDI CompletedDownload
1118Live Top 12 ResultsPortuguese (Brazilian)RBB CompletedDownload
1119Live Top 11 PerformancesPortuguese (Brazilian)SDI CompletedDownload
1120Live Top 11 ResultsPortuguese (Brazilian)PWE CompletedDownload
1121Live Top 10 PerformancesPortuguese (Brazilian)SDI CompletedDownload
1122Live Top 10 ResultsPortuguese (Brazilian)PWE CompletedDownload
1123Live Top 8 SemifinalsPortuguese (Brazilian)ALTEREGO CompletedDownload
1124Live Top 8 Semifinals ResultsPortuguese (Brazilian)RBB CompletedDownload
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